Top 10 Drinks for 4th of July

Top 10 Drinks for 4th of July

God Bless A……DRANK! Do you ever have those days when it’s barely noon and you feel like, “Man! I could use a drink already!” Well, I am going to give you 10 great choices to satisfy you…and support ‘Merica! Cheers!

1. Red, White, and Blueberry Cocktail

Eat Green Wear Black_watermelon_drank_0
Source: Eat Green, Wear Black

2. Fruity Ice Drink

Mom.me_fruity ice drink

3. Pop Rocks Shooters

The Decorated Cookie_pop rocks summer.shooter
Source: The Decorated Cookie

4. Layered Drinks

adventure ideaz_July 4th Layered Drinks
Source: Katrina’s Kitchen

5. Sprite and Koolaid Cubes

Food Family Finds_4th-of-July-Drink-Sprite-and-Red-White-and-Blue-KoolAid-Ice-Cubes
Source: Food Family Finds

6. Toby Keith’s All American Jar

Chilled Magazine_toby keith's all american jar
Source: Chilled Magazine

7. Blueberry Shots

Iowa girl eats_blueberry jello shots
Source: Iowa Girl Eats

8. Strawberry, Lime, Mint and Cucumber Water

Back to her roots_strawberry lime cucumber and mint water
Source: Back to Her Roots

9. Red, White and Blue 4th of July Drink

Somewhat Simple_mason jar drink
Source: Somewhat Simple

10. Patriotic Punch

Sweet C's Designs_Patriotic-punch-this-is-perfect-for-4th-of-July-or-a-homecoming-So-easy-to-make-and-delicious-pin-now-and-save-for-your-summer-bbqs
Source: Sweet C’s Designs